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Getting the right amount of seasoning can help improve the flavor of your food. It can also prevent it from going bad. These tricks and tips will help you become a better seasoning pro.

  1. Learn About The Different Salts 

Although some types of salt are better than others, the difference is that while table salt has finer particles, it is also perfect for keeping on the table. This is because it allows people to add more of it to their food.

If you’re using table salt instead of regular salt when cooking, make sure to use it sparingly. Coarse salt is fine for finishing food, and it’s not ideal for baking as it has too much crystal.

  1. Know When To Use The Different Pepper

The way you grind your pepper can also affect the flavor it gives. Finely ground pepper is often used for sauces and other similar preparations. On the other hand, coarse ground pepper is often used for finishing dishes and seasoning proteins. This type of pepper has a less sharp flavor and doesn’t add much to the plate. For most food, coarse ground pepper is the best choice.

  1. Season From Above

One of the reasons why chefs use high-up seasoning is to distribute the seasoning evenly. This helps prevent them from over-seasoning certain items or under-seasoning others. This is especially beneficial for things like chicken or beef that require an even layer of seasoning.

  1. Toast The Spices

Before adding the necessary spices to your food, try whole-searing spices in a pan until they’re aromatic. Doing this will help enhance the flavor of your dish and add a new dimension to it. Make sure the pan is over medium-low heat and doesn’t burn.

  1. Know How To Season Cold vs. Hot Food

Many people think they can taste better when eating hot food than eating cold food. However, this is not the case, as adding more seasoning to cold dishes can help improve their flavor. One of the easiest ways to enhance the flavor of your salad is by adding a pinch of salt.

  1. Some Dishes Need Sugar

An easy way to improve the flavor of your pasta is by adding a pinch of sugar. This can help make the sauce taste more like it was made with properly ripe tomatoes. Aside from being beneficial to the taste of food, sugar can also help balance the flavors of other savory items, such as beets and roasted carrots.