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Although you love wine, it’s time to stop treating it like any other beverage. It’s important to remember that it can be used in different ways. For instance, it can be used in your cooking in marinades, reduction dishes, and skillets. However, before adding wine to your recipes, it’s essential to know how and when it can be used.

We know it can be hard to find the answers to some of the questions you’re asking about wine-making, so we’ve gathered some of the most common issues people encounter regarding this subject. These tips will help you avoid getting stuck with a drunken risotto or an odd acidity in your boeuf bourguignon stew.

Don’t Use Wine You Wouldn’t Drink

It’s probably been said a hundred times, but this rule remains the same: Don’t serve wine you would not drink. These wines immediately register as too sweet, acidic, or too much. While it may seem like a creative way to discard the wine, pouring it into your food is not helping the environment. The Guardian states that if you wouldn’t drink the wine, it will not taste as good when you serve it to your food.

According to the cooking site, if a wine is sweet or acidic, it will likely come through with a concentrated flavor. Don’t serve wine that has an off-tangy taste to your food. Doing so could lead to a worse experience, making your dish too sweet or tart.

Pick A Inexpensive Wine

It’s also true that you won’t be using undrinkable wine when it comes to cooking. However, it’s essential to remember that you shouldn’t be reaching for expensive, age-worthy products. When you open a bottle of wine, you’ll be able to appreciate its complex notes and aromas fully. 

When you combine the wine with other ingredients, such as olive oil, butter, and spices, you’ll lose some of the subtle flavors and aromas you can enjoy in a glass. Doing so could also alter the flavor profile of the drink.

 According to the Food Network, up to 75% of alcohol can be cooked off in just one hour, which means you won’t be able to enjoy the full flavor of the wine. Although it’s essential to choose a good bottle of wine when it comes to cooking, don’t expect to spend a lot of money. 

Use It As A Marinade

One of the most common ways wine can be used in cooking is through a marinade. Although there are many different ways to use it, an excellent white or red wine can add a new level of flavor to a dish. According to Wine Folly, the acid in a marinade helps tenderize the meat and enhance the taste.

Before you start pouring a bottle of wine into a dish, you must consider the ingredients you’re planning on using. According to MasterClass, if you’re planning on using fish, you might opt for a more acidic white wine. However, if you’re planning on using chicken, you might want to go for a more rich white. WineFolly also claims that for most types of meat, good red wine can be used to create a flavorful and tender marinade. 

Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

Although you may think you can add wine to a dish at any point during the cooking process, it’s important to remember that this isn’t the case. According to What’s Cooking America, you should only add wine when you’re about to serve the dish. Also, don’t add wine too late, as this can spoil the dish’s quality.

It’s also important to remember that alcohol shouldn’t be infused with the food you’re preparing. According to What’s Cooking America, it’s essential to let the wine cook down for around 10 minutes to remove the less-than-desirable flavors.

Fine Cooking also suggests that when preparing long-simmering stews, braises, or other similar dishes, you should add wine after the liquid has started to boil. Doing so will help remove the alcohol from the food and concentrate its flavors. Fine Cooking suggests adding other liquids, such as stock, after the reduced wine.